Classic MQ

Classic Silage / Grain - Monoquie

General Description

Possibly the most widely recognised trailer design in Ireland and even further afield. Produced since 1989 and receiving only slight modifications the ‘Classic’ range of trailers are still very popular. Now only offered in 12Tonne and 14Tonne due to the launch of the Kane Halfpipe range, these trailers are still aimed at both farmers and contractors.

Key features


  • Well Proven design
  • Twin Tipping Cylinders
  • Monoque Tappered Body
  • Interchangeable from silage trailer to grain trailer
  • Automatic Rear Door Latch (Patend 1985)
12 Tonne MQ Silage / Grain
14 Tonne MQ Silage / Grain

  • Body 16’ x 8’2’’ x 7’8’’
  • Backbone chassis w/ boggie axle
  • Heavy duty axles
  • Sprung drawbar
  • Hydraulic Brakes and Lights
  • Fitted with 550/45/22.5 tyres
  • Body 18’ x 8’2’’ x 7’8’’
  • Rectangular chassis w/ spring sets
  • Heavy duty axles
  • Sprung Drawbar
  • Hydraulic Brakes and Lights
  • Fitted with 550/45/22.5
Additional Info

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