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Winners of factory tour give Kane’s a SURPRISE!!

L-R Competition winner Geoffrey Symington, Daniel Heanen and Richard Kane, Kane Trailers Recently Britains Models held a competition to celebrate the launch of the Kane Classic Trailer, see link to our Webshop: The winner of the factory tour was Geoffrey Symington who brought along with him his Grandson Daniel Heanen. Coincidently and unaware to us […]

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Decal Post

New decals/stickers for your trailer available through our Webshop!!

You can now purchase all decals/stickers that were fitted to your trailer when new, through our Webshop :- These may be required if you are re-painting, re-furbishing or even to make your trailer comply with regulations. For any further assistance contact the office – 028 9756 2949  

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HIGH COURT ACTION vs SK Trailers Ltd, Slurry Kat Ltd and Mr Garth Cairns

PRESS RELEASE The long-running High Court dispute [action no. 2011 No. 102514] between Kane Trailers, the well-known Northern Irish manufacturers of agricultural and construction trailers, and SK Trailers Ltd (formerly Kat Trailers Ltd), SlurryKat Ltd and Mr Garth Cairns, has finally reached settlement in the Chancery Court in Belfast today under the terms of a […]

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Ivor Ferguson UFU, Sean Keogh HSENI, Mike Reid YFCU, Noel and Colin Kane Kane Trailers

Safe Trailers

Ivor Ferguson UFU, Sean Keogh HSENI, Mike Reid YFCU, Noel and Colin Kane Kane Trailers   With silage season 2015 looming a safety campaign called Safe Trailers was launched today at the premises of Kane Trailers with the objective to promote the safe use of silage trailers during this coming season. The main action taken […]

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SPA YFC members took place in their annual tractor handling  competition held at the farm of Noel Kane. The tractor handling competion included the navigation of a tight course both forward and backwards against the clock using a 6800 John Deere tractor and a 18T DTM dump trailer. This was a club round and will […]

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Britains Toy Launch

Britains Kane Trailer Toy

Noel Kane, Harrot Lampard Britains Toys Alan Thompson Britains Toys, Colin Kane Tuesday 7th Feb marked the launch of the long awaited Kane Halfpipe trailers made by leading toy manufacturer Britains. The toy manufacturer adopted Kane’s flagship range of trailers, marketed as the Kane Halfpipe.  The launch included two variations of the popular 16T Halfpipe […]

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Britains Toys Hydraulic Beaver Tail

Today marked the launch of the Britains 1/32 scale Hydraulic Beaver Tail lowLoader. A formal launch was held at the premises of Kane Engineering. The real product was on display for all to compare the model to and a special display of a 1/32 scale model of our factory was also on display from expert […]

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Garry is the latest addition to the 25yr Club

Today celebrates the past 25years Garry has spent with us. Now a key employee and die hard Kane Trailers fanatic we are looking forward to the future with him. Thanks Garry.. Kane Trailers

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Barney  25 years March 14

Barney Makes it to the 25year Club!

Barney has been part of the team at Kane Engineering now 25 years. He is an important player in the team and we are all lucky to have him. Wishing you all the best for the future Barney….Kane Trailers

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Brian  25 years

Brian Enjoys 25years at Kane Engineering

Today marked an achievement for one of our key employees and friends Brian. He has been with us for 25years now and we would like to congratulate him on this achievement and wish him all the best for the future. Kane Trailers

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