SAFE TRAILERS is a safety campaign lead by KANE TRAILERS with the objective of creating awareness of some of the Do’s and Dont’s of operating any make/model of silage trailer. This campaign was launched May 2015 (Check out the launch!!)  and is a continuation of the previously successful TRAILER ACTION launched in the early 2000s.

Silage harvesting operations have changed considerably over the years and the size speed and function of the tractor and trailer combinations have raced ahead.  Within this leaflet some very simple advice is given to ensure the operatos think about every aspect of their working day carting grass.



Within the leaflet the following areas are covered:

  1. What you need to know before you go! – This is a little background on both the trailer and tractor that the operator needs to be aware of before he starts any operations.
  2. Coupling Procedure and Checks – This outlines some of the basic checks that need to be done when/after coupling. A comprehensive list can be found in your operators manual.
  3. On the Road…  – Some of the things to watch out for on the road to ensure your safety and the safety of other road users.
  4. In the Field…  – Field conditions change a lot over the season so it is important operators can adapt to these changes, here is a few tips to help.
  5. In the Yard.. – The clamp can be the most dangerous place, especially if children are involved, always be careful and follow this list to help you.




SAFE TRAILERS was constructed in conjunction with:

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